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PT Benteng Mas Perkasa is one of the leading distributors of residential water pumps & plumbings in Indonesia. Our products include Water Pumps, PVC Pipes and Fittings, Glues, Seal tapes, Pressure Tanks and many others. We were established in 2003 and since then have provided our customers with the best plumbing products in the market.

We believe in keeping our relationship with our customers very strongly and aiming to allocate our selections of high quality products and services to fulfill customer needs, helping thoroughly customers who feel the need to use products that are within our range of business, and satisfying each and every customer.

Product quality and fast delivery is very important for us. Consequently, the effectiveness and efficiency of the warehousing system, the high quality product we provide, the continuous improvement of the quality control system, and also our hardworking staffs that will always try to keep out delivery on time, are very crucial and are considered to be our most valuable assets.



We are responsible for our duties and obligations to attain corporate’s objectives and dedicate ourselves to them. We never fear to try and always learn from our mistakes in the past in order to improve our achievement in the future.

We always believe in teamwork because it produces far better results than those of individual work. Along with the increasing demand for excellent service to the customer, it is of great importance that all our staff work hand in hand as ateam to provide the expected solution and service.

We encourage all staff to make their own sound decision and be responsible for the outcome. Management only sets the distinct targets and guides its staff to perform their duties with proper authorization. It is expected that all staff be more creative and in time bring about improvement to corporation.

Result Oriented
We always try to provide a wide opportunity to every staff to show their highest achievement to attain corporate objectives. We are fully aware that our appreciation to our staff depends on their good contribution to company either collectively or individually. Furthermore, we strive to provide various facilities to create comfortable working environment.

Suggestion Appreciation
In all the work we perform, we always pay a close attention to customers’ needs –dealers or end-users. By doing so, we appreciate and closely watch ideas and suggestions from our stakeholders. Thus, increasing the customer’s level of satisfaction.

Trust and Openness
Our main focus and attention are always targeted at trust and openness whenever we communicate with stakeholders. This guarantees the openness and transfer of knowledge throughout the organization. Our relationship and communication with our business partners (dealers, consumers and service partners) are always based on honesty and trust.

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